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Anarchy in the UK
26th November 1976
EMI 2566

1. Anarchy in the UK
2. I Wanna Be Me

Anarchy in the UK
Right Now Ha ha ha

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want
But I know how to get it
I wanna destroy passer by
Cause I Wanna be Anarchy
No dogs body

Anarchy in the UK
It's coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time stop at traffic line
Your future dream is a shopping scheme

Cause I
I wanna be

In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best
I use the rest
I use the enemy
I use anarchy

Cause I
Wanna be

It's the only way to be
Is this the MPLA
Or is this the UDA
Or is this the IRA
I thought it was the UK
Or just
Another Country
Another council tenancy

I wanna be Anarchy
And I wanna be Anarchy
Know what I mean
And I wanna be

Get pissed

I Wanna Be Me
Turn the page and it's the scoop of the century
Don't wanna be L7
I had enough of this
This is brainwash
And this is a clue
To the stars who fool you Tell me why you can't explain
You're only looking for vinyl
Yeah, didn't they fool you

Gimme world war three
We can live again
You didn't fool me
I fooled you
You wanna be me
Yeah, you wanna be me
You wanna be someone
Ruin someone
Yeah, didn't I fool you
I ruined you
Yeah, didn't I fool you
I sussed you out

I got you in the carmera
And I got you in my camera
A second of your life
Ruined for life
You wanna ruin me in your magazine
You wanna cover us in margarine
And now is thetime
You got the time
To realise
To have real eyes

Down, down, down, down
I'll take you down on the underground
Down in the dark
And down in the crypt
Down in the dark
Where the typewriter fit
Down with your pen and pad
Ready to kill
To make me ill
Down, wanna be someone
Wanna be someone
Need to be someone
You wanna be me

Ruin me
A typewriter god
A black and white king
Blackboard bools
Black and white
Wanna be me