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  sex pistols
 johnny rotten
 sid vicious
  steve jones & paul cook
  • Kick Down The Doors
    dedicated to Paul Cook or Steve Jones. The Professionals, Neurotic Outsiders, Chiefs of Relief etc.
  • Trust The Process
    Official John Taylor site featuring a recent interview with Steve, plenty of rare Neurotic Outsiders pictures (including some with Mel C), and even unreleased Neurotic's live tracks from The Viper Rooms
  • Four Dogs Playing Poker
    Official site for the movie featuring Steve in a supporting role, along with fellow Neurotic Outsider John Taylor
 glen matlock
  • GlenMatlock.Com
    official site dedicated to Glen's 'Open Mind' album. The clips of the album are being able to download! Also includes behind-the-scenes pix from the Pistols 'Filthy Lucre' Tour and signed merchadise
  • Rattle Your Cage
    a site dedicated to Glen Matlock featuring Glen's many post-Pistols bands (solo stuff, Rich Kids, CBI, Spectres, Iggy etc.), along with discography, rare images, CD & LP reviews, gig reviews, archive interviews
  • Rich Kids
    Glen's other band
 non - sex pistols